Giant Chocolate Slabs

300g Inclusion Slabs


These chocolate slabs are a little heavier than your usual chocolate bar. Weighing in at 300g, these huge pieces of chocolate are an eye catching item that usually attracts a lot of interest. 

Perfect for the chocolate lover, or for a special occasion, these slabs are the same size as an A5 sheet of paper and come in a recyclable card box. 

As with all of our items, the design on the front can be customised for orders both large or small.   

Like all of our chocolate bars, we do not use Nuts and they have a shelf life of 12 months

On special request, we can also produce an even heavier 500g slab.

chocolate slabs, 300g chocolate slab, giant chocolate bar

The Flavours

chocolate slabs, 300g chocolate slab, giant chocolate bar, double chocolate and fudge slab

Double Chocolate & Fudge

Milk chocolate buttons and dark chocolate fudge pieces set into a rich slab of milk chocolate.

chocolate slabs, 300g chocolate slab, giant chocolate bar, fudge and toffee slab

Fudge & Toffee 

Soft caramel fudge pieces and crunchy toffee shards sprinkled onto a milk chocolate slab. 

chocolate slabs, 300g chocolate slab, giant chocolate bar, rocky road chocolate slab

Rocky Road

Mini marshmallows, dark chocolate fudge cubes and a lot of milk chocolate. 

Custom Labels

If you require a custom label then please contact us before placing your order.

Quantity Prices

We are able to supply anything from one to thousands of our slabs if required. 

Please email to ask for more details or place an order.

Larger orders may take up to two weeks, but we typically dispatch within a few days.  

Our prices do not include VAT. We are not VAT registered at this time.  Prices are listed for individual bars.


Bespoke labels can be created FREE of charge; unless specified they will come with our labelling.

300g Slab Prices - Each


10   slabs   - £5.00

20   slabs   - £4.90

50   slabs   - £4.80

100 slabs +  please contact us

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