Luxury Chocolate Bars

80g & 100g Bars

Speciality Chocolate Bars

What is better than chocolate? How about chocolate with marshmallows, fudge or both. 

Our bars are hand made at our studio in North Wales and are packaged in sturdy, transparent acetate boxes. Because of this, the full beauty of the chocolate is on show from all sides. 

Also, all orders of ten bars or more come with FREE re-branding. This lets you use the bars for a huge range of applications including; themed gifts for tourist attractions, corporate gifts, special occasions, wedding favours and more...

We also produce smaller 40g bars and giant 300g slabs.

We currently produce five bar flavours:

  • Milk - (With milk chocolate buttons)
  • Rocky Road - (Marshmallow and chocolate fudge)
  • Fudge Chunks - (Caramel fudge)
  • Beans - (Multicoloured chocolate beans)
  • Milk (Plain milk bar)


The Flavours

milk chocolate bar, custom chocolate bar, own label chocolate bar

Plain Milk 

Available in 80g and 100g versions. This bar is made of pure milk chocolate.

chocolate beans bar, 80g chocolate bar, welsh chocolate

Chocolate Beans

Crunchy, colourful chocolate beans set into a bar of milk chocolate. 

welsh chocolate bar, rocky road chocolate bar, luxury chocolate bar, 80g chocolate bar, milk chocolate bar, bespoke chocolate bar, custom chocolate bar

Rocky Road

Mini marshmallows and chocolate fudge sprinkled onto a milk chocolate bar.

fudge pieced chocolate bar, fudge chunks chocolate bar, fudge inclusion bar

Fudge Chunks

A 34% milk chocolate bar decorated with chunks of caramel fudge. 

milk chocolate bar, milk inclusion bar, welsh chocolate, own label chocolate bar

Milk & Buttons 

A fancier version of our standard milk chocolate bar with added chocolate buttons.

Quantity Prices

We are able to manufacture both large and small quantities of our bars. Prices are influenced by the quantity; as shown below. We are able to mix cases for orders of 100 bars or more. 

Please email to place an order or ask for more details.

The lead time varies depending on the quantity. Smaller orders will typically be ready for dispatch in a few days. Orders over 500 bars may take up to two weeks. If you are looking to place regular orders then we will be able to reduce the lead time for subsequent orders.  

Our prices do not include VAT. We are not VAT registered at this time so there is none to pay.  Prices are listed for individual bars.


80g Plain Milk

10 bars   - £ 1.40 

50 bars   - £1.30 

100 bars - £1.20 

250 bars - £1.10

500 bars - £1.05

1000 bars - £1.00

2000 bars - £0.95

3000 bars - £0.90

100g Plain Milk

10 bars -   £ 1.55

50 bars -   £1.45 

100 bars - £1.35

250 bars - £1.25

500 bars - £1.20

1000 bars - £1.15

2000 bars - £1.10

3000 bars - £1.05

80g Inclusions

10 bars -   £ 2.10 

50 bars -   £1.90 

100 bars - £1.70

250 bars - £1.60

500 bars - £1.50

1000 bars - £1.40

2000 bars - £1.30

3000 bars - £1.20