milk, dark and white baking chocolates

Baking Chocolate

We use various types of chocolates to make our products. In these 1kg bags, these luxurious Belgian chocolate buttons are available for you to use at home.


We may be selling them as baking chocolate, however the buttons are high quality Belgian couverture chocolate. They are perfect for baking, using in a chocolate fountain or for moulding your own chocolate creations.

Milk chocolate is traditionally the most popular, however dark chocolate is growing in popularity as is white. We have a 71% dark for those who want something a little stronger.

Larger quantities of these chocolate buttons can be arranged.


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milk baking chocolate

Milk Chocolate Buttons


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white baking chocolate

White Chocolate Buttons


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dark baking chocolatr

Dark Chocolate Buttons


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extra dark baking chocolate

71% Dark Chocolate


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