Catering Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate has long been neglected in favour of tea and coffee. Whereas cafes now stock locally roasted coffees and artisan teas, hot chocolate usually comes from a cocoa powder tub hidden under the counter.

Cocoa powder is naturally bitter and doesn't truly taste of chocolate. Our products are different...

All of our products are made with real chocolate to give a rich and creamy flavour, far superior to cocoa powder.  We offer two different catering hot chocolate options; flakes and stirrers. For more information, please visit their respective pages.

Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Hot chocolate stirrers give customers a more dramatic and tasty way to enjoy a hot chocolate. Whereas cocoa powder has a natural bitterness, these stirrers are rich and creamy. Their improved taste and up market feel make your cafe stand out among the competition.

We sell our catering stirrers in boxes of sixty with every spoon individually wrapped. We offer the spoons with the header card or without.

The shelf life is one year. 

Hot Chocolate Flakes

Our luxury hot chocolate flakes use a blend of several different dark and milk chocolates to give it an exceptional flavour. We offer a diverse range of 17 flavours including Milk, Dark, Orange and Black Forest.

The flakes are super easy to use and melt quickly in hot milk. Some of the flakes also work in boiling water.

We also offer retail packs of the same flavours.

The shelf life is one year.