Bespoke Corporate Gifts

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Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Bespoke Labelling 

Our hot chocolate stirrers make great gifts and represent a striking way to promote your brand. These gorgeous milk chocolate stirrers are hand made at our studio in North Wales, all you need to do is stir them into your drink. 

We are able to offer bespoke labelling on orders large or small. Contact us for a quote.

The plain milk chocolate stirrer has a shelf life of one year. All are individually wrapped in transparent cellophane bags. We are able to supply anything from thirty to several thousand stirrers. 

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Boutique Tins Collection

Bespoke Labelling 

We normally use these little tins for our hotel tea and coffee range. However, they have also proven great for gifts. Alongside our usual tea bags, hot chocolate flakes and coffee. We also offer:

Prince of Wales Tea Leaves

Celtic Rose Tea Leaves

Irish Breakfast Tea Leaves

Individually Wrapped Milk Chocolate Spheres

Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

Mint Imperials


Please contact us for a quote. All of these products have long shelf lives of a round 1 year. Bespoke labelling is available.  

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