hot chocolate powder jars for luxury hot chocolate

Display Canisters & POS

If you want a stylish container to store your hot chocolate flakes then these may be for you...

These high-end biscotti jars look amazing on the shelves behind your counter and keep the chocolate fresh for around a year.

 All the containers are supplied empty.

We also supply counter top POS displays and a specially chosen scoop which will hold exactly enough flakes for one standard hot chocolate.

The Jars

display canister for milk hot chocolate flakes


display canister for dark hot chocolate

Dark 54

white hot chocolate canister


mint hot chocolate jar


glass cinnamon hot chocolate canister


glass chilli display jar


dark spice hot chocolate glass canister

Dark Spice

pumpkin spice hot chocolate glass jar


salted caramel glass canister for hot chocolate flakes


glass jar for toasted marshmallow hot chocolate flakes


glass jar for gingerbread hot chocolate flakes


glass canister for dark orange hot chocolate flakes


black forest hot chocolate glass canister

Black Forest

rum and salted caramel hot chocolate display canister

Rum & Caramel

dark 71 hot chocolate display canister

Dark 71

glass jar for irish cream hot chocolate flakes

Irish Cream

pendragon drinks display, catering hot chocolate

A5 Framed POS

A5 Unframed

A4 Unframed