Hot Chocolate Retail Bags - 250g

We produce a wide variety of hot chocolates that are perfect for gifts or luxury treats.

All of our hot chocolates are made with real Belgian chocolate to give them a creamy and full flavour. We sell to shops and cafes as well as well and are happy to produce bespoke chocolates when possible.

There are two main styles of flakes we make; our most popular is Parisian (sweetened) and the Belgian ranges which are not. Our Origins Collection, is made in the Belgian style.

Parisian Style Hot Chocolate Flakes 250g

Sixteen flavours to choose from! Our luxury hot chocolates are made from real, finely grated couverture chocolate. Just as easy to use as cocoa powder but with a much improved flavour. Most of the blends are also available in 1kg bags as well.

They all work well in most home hot chocolate machines and all (except the white) have a shelf life of around one year.

Origins Collection Hot Chocolate Flakes 250g

Our origins collection is a premium range of chocolates based on the locations they were grown. Instead of choosing a flavour, you are instead picking between a Tanzanian or a Mexican...

With these hot chocolates, you can pick out the differences in the taste, brought on largely by the location the cacao beans grew in; be it volcanic, low lying or even the type of soil...