Hot Chocolate Display Tins

hot chocolate display tins
mixed size hot chocolate tins

The Perfect Way to Display Your Luxury Hot Chocolates...

We offer two sizes of containers to store our hot chocolate flakes in. The larger one can hold up to 4.5 kg and is meant for cafes and other commercial applications. The smaller one can hold around 400g and is better suited for use at home.

The larger one has a slot for a name card, while the smaller one requires a sticker.

To order, simply select the empty, unlabelled tins and then select the relevant name label size to go with it.

Please write the names of the flavours you want in the notes section at the checkout.

If you already own the tin and just want new cards for any reason, then you can order them below as well.

Please wash the tins out before first use.

Step 1: Choose Tins Size

small hot chocolate tin

Small Tin

9cm wide

11.5cm tall

Holds around 400g

(This Tin is Empty)

£6.66 - £7.99 inc VATAdd to basket

container for hot chocolate

Large Tin

21cm wide

25cm tall

Holds around 4500g

(This Tin is Empty)

£14.99 - £17.99 inc VATAdd to basket

Step 2: Choose the Size of the Labels

Sticker for Small Tin

This is a sticker that will be supplied on its backing paper for you to apply.

It is only intended for use on the small tin.

£0.08 - £0.10 inc VATAdd to basket

Card for the Large Tin

The cards are designed to slot into the holder on the front of the large tin.

It is not a sticker and won't go on the small tin.

£0.08 - £0.10 inc VATAdd to basket

Step 3: Write the Names of the Cards you Want in the Notes Section After Placing the Order

(The design on the label will use the same style as the stickers on the 1kg flake bags)

mixed size hot chocolate tins