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Belgian Style

belgian style hot chocolate mix

Our luxury hot chocolate flakes are made in two main styles; Belgian and Parisian. Both are made with real, high grade couverture chocolate however a Parisian hot chocolate is generally sweetened with a little extra sugar while a Belgian one is not. (Please note that neither style can be considered low in sugar as they are both made with real chocolate.)

Our Belgian hot chocolate flakes collection is currently made of eight different blends, each with different cocoa percentages getting increasingly dark as you go through, all the way up to a 100% dark.

We have also released them in 250g bags for 2024!

Please click here for theĀ ingredients and allergen information

The Belgian Style Collection

white hot chocolate flakes

30% White

Uses the same white chocolate as our Parisian equivalent, but is not as sweet.

1kg - NEW

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milk hot chocolate flakes 1kg bag for catering

34% Milk ChocolateĀ 

We use this chocolate to produce our milk chocolate stirrers and bars.


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44% hot chocolate flakes

44% Milk Chocolate

The 44% is a darker version of our Belgian milk hot chocolate flakes.


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dark hot chocolate flakes 1kg

53% Dark Chocolate

The 53% is the mildest of the darks in our Belgian style hot chocolate range.


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1kg bag of 65% dark Belgian style hot chocolate flakes for catering

65% Dark Chocolate

A well rounded dark hot chocolate. We would suggest this or the 53% for most people as they are not too sweet and not too bitter.


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75% dark hot chocolate flakes for catering; Belgian style

75% Dark Chocolate

Made from a few different dark chocolates of various strengths that have been lovingly blended together. This is the darkest that most people would find appealing.


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85% very dark hot chocolate for catering or home use

85% Dark Chocolate

Heading into the niche territory... If you like your hot chocolate dark then this could be for you. You may want to add a little sugar yourself to suit your own tastes.


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100% dark hot chocolate mix; cocoa mass

100% Dark

This is a very specialised hot chocolate and you will either love it or hate it. We do recommended adding some sugar to this one to suit your taste as it is very dark chocolate.


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Accessories for your Hot Chocolate

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