Our Story

dark hot chocolate, hot chocolate gift, hot chocolate buttons

Life is too short to be stuck with boring drinks! 

Pendragon Drinks was founded in 2016 by Tim Winstanley soon after he finished university.  Our philosophy is to not become stuck by convention and this is a belief we have stuck to. Our first range of products made use of largely forgotten historical recipes to create a collection of highly original low calorie soft drinks.

From there we expanded into making hot chocolates and they have become the beating heart of our business. Cocoa powder is so boring; it is bitter, bland and is actually a waste product left over from chocolate manufacturing. Our drinks all make use of REAL chocolate to give a rich and creamy flavour. Also, most of our powders are unusual in that they work with either milk or hot water.

Our customers are cafes, shops and hotels all over Wales and beyond.