Welcome to the World of Luxury Hot Chocolate

We are Pendragon Drinks, a North Wales company making a wide range of delicious hot chocolates & an expanding range of eating chocolates.

Our hot chocolates all use real, creamy, Belgian chocolate to give them a truly irresistible flavour. We have a diverse range of flavours which we are constantly expanding and sell to a growing number of cafes, farm food shops and tourist attractions.

For more information, please explore our website. If you would like any more information then drop us an email and we will usually get back to you within the hour.

Whether you have a business or just love hot chocolate, we have something for you...

Hot Chocolates

Catering Hot Chocolate

Our catering range of hot chocolates is made of 17 delicious flavours in the Parisian collection and 5 in the Belgian collection. All of them are created by shaving Belgian chocolate down into fine flakes and blending them to create our distinctive flavours. We are happy to supply orders from as low as 1kg all the way up to many tonnes. White label and re-branding are available as well as bespoke flavours for larger orders.

Retail Hot Chocolate

Like our catering hot chocolates, we blend together real luxury chocolates to create our distinctive flavours. These bags weight 250g and come in both Parisian and Belgian styles. (Parisian is sweeter and Belgian is usually a little more bitter.)

Hot Chocolate Flavouring Drops

If our standard range of flavours is not enough for you, then we have more! With our hot chocolate flavouring bottles, you can add your choice of flavouring to which ever of our hot chocolates takes your fancy

Luxury Marshmallow Toppings

If you are going to make a gourmet hot chocolate, then you really should use gourmet marshmallows... These large artisan mallows are great for hot chocolates as well as eating on their own.

Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Our stirrers are created by moulding 40g of Belgian chocolate onto a wooden spoon. All you have to do is dunk the chocolate into hot milk and stir until it melts into the drink; turning it into a decadent hot chocolate. Available in both small and large quantities with standard or bespoke labels.

Hot Chocolate Bomb

Our hot chocolate bombs are the most interesting way to make a luxury hot chocolate. Two of the bombs contain mini marshmallows for another level of luxury.

Eating Chocolates

Chocolate Bars

Our chocolate bars are moulded and decorated by hand in small batches. They were originally made for our shop in Llandudno, but proved popular enough to add to our website.