We are Pendragon Drinks, a North Wales company making a wide range of delicious hot chocolates for retail, catering and hospitality.

Our hot chocolates all use real, creamy, Belgian chocolate to give them a truly irresistible flavour. We have a diverse range of flavours which we are constantly expanding and sell to a growing number of cafes, farm food shops and tourist attractions.

The catering section of our website is home to all the hot chocolate, display material and beverage decorations you could ever need.

For more information, please to explore our website. If you would like any more information then drop us an email and we will usually get back to you within the hour.

Our Product Ranges

Catering Products

Our catering range of hot chocolate products includes nine flavours of luxury flakes, chocolate stirrers and all the decorations you could ever need. The taste is far superior to cocoa powder.

Retail Products

We produce a wide range of hot chocolates for the retail market as well as a few flavours of regional loose leaf teas. Our classy aluminium tins and elegant chocolate stirrers look amazing on the shelves.

Hospitality Hot Chocolate

Designed for the hospitality trade, these stirrers have been specially formulated so they can be used with just boiling water. Making them perfect for hotel bedrooms. A far more luxurious option than cocoa powder sachets.