We are Pendragon Drinks! A Welsh drinks company producing Soft Drinks, Hot Chocolate and Drinking Fudge. From our studio in Colwyn Bay, we create a diverse range of products and sell to cafes, shops and hotels.

Our Products

Soft Drinks

Where it all began... Our range of still soft drinks both taste amazing and a beautifully presented. A premium, low calorie, soft drink that stands out on any shelf.

Hot Chocolate Stirrers

What could be better than a hot chocolate? How about when you use 40g of Belgian chocolate? You get the idea...

Hot Chocolate Flakes

Coming in three flavours, these delightful sachets use fine flakes of Belgian Chocolate to create a truly delightful drink.

Tea Leaves & Bags

Unusual & historical blends of tea from around the world.

Hot Chocolate Love Spoon Stirrer

Designed for Welsh gift shops, this spoon is a perfect souvenir and tastes amazing. Also available on request for luxury restaurants.

Drinking Fudge

A rather speciality item; drinking fudge attracts a lot of attention where ever it goes.

Dark Hot Chocolate Bottle

Take a trip to the dark side... Inside this bottle is 71% cocoa to create a truly strong hot chocolate

Who do we sell to?


We sell our products to several cafes, restaurants and bars across. The soft drinks and chocolate stirrers are particularly popular.


Particularly popular with tourist orientated businesses; our products are both different and highly tasty.


As our chocolate sachets only need a kettle to use. They have found there way into several hotels and guest houses.


Our own e store is under development, but our products can be purchased from other internet sites

Food Fairs

We attend several of North Wales' Food Festivals throughout the year.