Hot Chocolate Flakes - Catering Size

Hot chocolate has long been neglected in favour of tea and coffee. Whereas cafes now stock locally roasted coffees and artisan teas, hot chocolate usually comes from a cocoa powder tub hidden under the counter.

Cocoa powder is naturally bitter and doesn't truly taste of chocolate. Our products are different...

All of our products are made with real chocolate to give a rich and creamy flavour, far superior to cocoa powder.  There are many styles of hot chocolate from around the world. We have favoured two of them for our flake range; Parisian and Belgian. Both use real high grade chocolate; the only real difference is that Parisian hot chocolate is generally a little sweeter than its Belgian counterpart.

Parisian Style Hot Chocolate Flakes 1kg

Parisian Hot Chocolate is one of the more decadent ways to drink chocolate. We currently have 17 flavours to choose from, all using real couverture chocolate (meaning it contains a high amount of cocoa butter to help it melt.)

The Parisian range is our most popular; it has a more rounded flavour and you don't need to use as much to get the same flavour (when compared to the Belgian style.) If you want a more bitter flavour though then go for the Belgian option...

Belgian Style Hot Chocolate Flakes 1kg

The Belgian collection is for those who don't have a sweet tooth and like their hot chocolate to be a little earthier.

There are five in this collection, each focusing on a different cocoa strength. These range from the 34% milk all the way up to the very intense 100% dark.

They don't go as far as the Parisian collection and generally you need to use 40g of flakes instead of 30g to get the desired flavour.