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Welcome to the Pendragon Drinks Shop

We are an artisan manufacturer of luxury hot chocolates and eating chocolates based in North Wales.

This area features a list of every product category we sell, however for more information on our respective ranges, please follow the links to their dedicated pages below.

Hot Chocolates

Parisian Style Hot Chocolate Flakes - 1-5kg

These big 1kg bags are perfect for caterers (or if you are at home and just really love hot chocolate!)

They contain enough hot chocolate mix to produce around 30-33 average mugs of luxury hot chocolate.

Parisian style is sweetened while the Belgian style is not

Belgian Style Hot Chocolate Flakes - 1kg

For those who do not have a sweet tooth. These hot chocolates are more focused on their cocoa content than their Parisian cousins. The higher the percentage the darker the drink.

Retail Hot Chocolate Flakes 250g

These smaller bags are great for use at home or sitting on the shelves of a shop. Like the larger bags, they contain real chocolate that has been finely grated down.

Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Hot chocolate stirrers give an alternative way to get your chocolate fix. Simply dunk the spoon into a mug of hot milk and stir until it melts. Available in small and large packs for trade or use at home.

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