Eating Chocolates

We don't just make hot chocolate!

Since we had the moulding equipment for our hot chocolate stirrers, it was only a matter of time before we started making eating chocolates as well...

They are a rather beautiful collection and are all made by hand at our factory in Llandudno.

All of our chocolate bars, chocolate lollies and other chocolate items are available to buy online.

Chocolate Bars

We don't just make hot chocolates! We produce a lovely collection of luxury white, milk, dark and extra dark chocolate bars. All are hand moulded and decorated and wrapped in biodegradable packaging. All are available to buy online.

Chocolate Lollies

Our chocolate lollies are popular with both children and adults. Each weighs 65g and are individually wrapped with a bow.

Chocolate Miniature

Our miniatures are an assortment of 25g fun shapes including dragons and frogs. We will keep adding to them over time...

Baking Chocolate

Our baking chocolate buttons are made from high quality couverture chocolate and are suitable for chocolate fountains, baking and moulding chocolates at home.