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Iced Chocolate

A New Way To Drink Chocolate...

Why is chocolate always drunk hot?

That is a question that we asked ourselves one sunny day; both Iced Tea and Iced Lattes are readily available but what about an Iced Chocolate?  As we couldn't think of good reason why not, we devised a new way of serving our delicious hot chocolate powders.

This new technique will allow people to either serve our chocolate flakes hot in the winter or iced during the summer. One product, two entirely different drinks.



The Flavours

Like with our hot chocolates, all of our luxurious flavours can be used to make iced chocolates.

People may have tried an orange hot chocolate, but have they tried an iced orange chocolate?

If you want to view the  whole range of flavours then click the button below and it will take you to our hot chocolate flakes page.  




Stocking our Iced Chocolates

If you wish to stock our Iced Chocolates, the instructions will be included with your first order of hot chocolate flakes free of charge; giving you the flexibility to use the flakes for whichever type of drink you want. 

The only difference in preparation is the addition of some ice!

To order, simply follow the link below to our hot chocolates flake page.